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Calm After the Storm

The Shock AT system provides effective, efficient, and less invasive energy delivery to terminate atrial fibrillation during the ablation procedure. It provides physician a novel strategy during catheter ablation.

Product Features

Multi-Lumen Shaft

The BeeAT catheter has a multi-lumen shaft. The CS, RA, and CSos electrodes' conduction wires and the pull wire are threaded into individual lumens. The lumens are composed of highly-insulated fluorinate tubes, providing great resistance to stress from deflection or shocks during ablation procedures.

Multi-Site Mapping

CS, RA, and SVC EGMs can be recorded with one catheter.

Wide-Band Electrodes

Cardioversion energy is delivered between the RA and CS wide-band electrodes. Depending on the size of the heart, physicians may choose different electrode spacing between the RA and CS electrodes: 50mm (S), 70mm (M), and 90mm (L) for optimal cardioversion.

Less Invasive

The efficient internal cardioversion energy delivery enables terminating atrial fibrillation at a low joules without compromising the efficacy. It also minimizes the risk of patients getting burned around the ground pad.


BeeAT Catheter for Atrial Cardioversion System SHOCK AT

6F Duodecapolar Steerable Type
Model Number Electrode Spacing (mm) Type Usable Length (cm)
S20884-80S 2-2...50-2-2...10-5-5-5 SVC-RA-CS 80
S20884-80M 2-2...70-2-2...10-5-5-5 SVC-RA-CS 80
S20884-80L 2-2...90-2-2...10-5-5-5 SVC-RA-CS 80
S20884ST-M 2-2...70-2-2...10-5-5-5 SVC-RA-CS 80
S20884ST-L 2-2...90-2-2...10-5-5-5 SVC-RA-CS 80
S208282-SAOC 2-2...20-20-28-2-2...15-10 SVC-RA-CSos-CS 80
S208282-SAOCST 2-2...20-20-28-2-2...15-10 SVC-RA-CSos-CS 80
S208282-SAOC2 2-2...10-10-48-2-2...15-10 SVC-RA-CSos-CS 80
S20848-AOC 2-2...5-5...45-2-2... RA-CSos-CS 80
S20848-AOCL 2-2...20-5...50-2-2... RA-CSos-CS 80
S20884-100M 2-2...70-2-2...10-5-5-5 SVC-RA-CS 102
S20848-100AOC 2-2...5-5...45-2-2... RA-CSos-CS 102
S208282B-SAOCM 2-2...5-5-58-2-2...15-10 SVC-RA-CSos-CS 102
S208282B-SAOC3 2-2...22.5-22.5-22.5-2-2...25-25 SVC-RA-CSos-CS 102


Model Number Usable Length (cm)
4020-200 200
4020-260 260

SHOCK ATα Generator for Atrial Cardioversion System SHOCK AT

Model Number Power Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
ACG30-20 AC 100-240V W300×D255×H117 4.5

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Home Products Atrial Cardioversion System BeeAT / SHOCK AT